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Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans/Activities


Brief Intro to prairies (history and why we should preserve them)


        (Picture Powerpoint coming up soon)

    Organisms of the Prairie

       - Birds

            -Native Illinois Birds (Powerpoint)

            -Field trip to look at birds


            -Native Illinois/Prairie grasses (Powerpoint)

            -Bring in examples to touch and see


            -Native illinois/Prairie wildflowers (Powerpoint)

            -bring in examples to touch and see


                 -out of the flowers brought in each student picks out a few flowers

                 -with tissue paper and the flowers and glue we decorate vases 


              -Native prairie insects (Powerpoint)


              -native prairie animals (Powerpoint)

             - http://www.museum.state.il.us/muslink/pdfs/pr_class.pdf


Preparations for the Restored Prairie Plot by the Students

    -Student pick what grasses and wildflowers they want in their plot (appropriate allotments calculated by [amount of space/students])

    -decorate their watering can


Field trip to Rockefeller's native plant garden and Jackson park bobolink meadow

    -Create a Rockefeller native plant garden and Jackson park flwer/grass guide prior

    -Each student recieves one guide and must try to find each grass or flower listed on the guide


Care for the students' plots (every 2 weeks)

    -watch the growth of their chosen plants, have a journal and record differences and animal/insect sightings

    -take care of their area (watering), invasive non-native weed reduction



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