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Lesson Plans

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Lesson Plans/Activities


Brief Intro to prairies (history and why we should preserve them)

    History and Intro

        Hist. Of Prairie.ppt

    Organisms of the Prairie

       - Birds

           Bird Lesson Plan

        -Grasses & Flowers

            -Grass and Wildflower Lesson Plan

            - Vase Activity


             - http://www.museum.state.il.us/muslink/pdfs/pr_class.pdf

             -Animal Videos:



                        -Black-footed ferret

                        -Prairie Dog Alarm

                        -Prairie Dog Romance


Preparations and Maintenance for the Restored Prairie Plot by the Students

    Plot On-going Lesson Plan





                   -Global Warming 101

                   -Greenhouse Gases

                   -Alternative Energy

                   -Solar Power

                   -Energy Conservation

                   -Iowa Wind Power

                   -Farm Restoration



         -Purchase/Borrow: Sir Johnny's Recycling Adventure by: Rachael Paulson: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0964229625/leanneeldridge

                    Washington Times: "Environmental crusadar Rachael Paulson combines an entertaining and informative story with a compendium of highly useful and educational tips about                                     recycling matters. I'm sure kids and teachers alike will love the book!" Richard H. Amberg, Jr. Wahington Times

        -Recycle Lesson Plan


    -Energy Conservation

        Energy Conservation Lesson Plan



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