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Grass and Wildflower Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan: Flowers and Grasses


-Bring in examples(subject to change depending on availability) of the following plants for the students to see, feel, and smell the native plants:


  • Switchgrass

  • Little Bluestem

  • Big Bluestem

  • Indian Grass

  • Prairie dropseed


  • Shooting Star

  • Blue Aster

  • Pale Purple Coneflower

  • White Prairie Clover

  • Rattle snake master

  • Roundhead Bushclover

  • Prairie Blazing star

  • Great Solomon's Seal

  • Black Eyed Susan

  • Ohio Spiderwort

-Using our Naturalist Guides we will visit some areas (such as Nichol's park, Rockefeller's Native Plant's Garden, MSI, Jackson Park, etc.) to see the plants in their habitats.

-Students will then pick 3 grasses and 5 wildflowers that they will plant in their designated plot (See Plot On-going Lesson Plan).



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