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Bird Lesson Plan

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Lesson Plan: Birds


-Show Powerpoint Presentation of Birds


    -Point out distinctive characteristics of the Birds to easily identify

    -Have the students point out some characteristics that aren't listed


-Pass out:

    -Sheet of Bird Pictures:

       Bird Pictures.odt



    -5 sheets of cardstock


-Instructions for Bird Identifying Booklet:

      1. Fold each cardstock hamburger style (vertically)

      2.Staple the cardstock together at the seams to form a booklet

      3. Cut out each bird picture    

      4. When the students see the bird on the screen, they should paste that picture onto (1) page and title it

      5. Give the students 5 minutes or so to describe the bird

        6. Before moving on to the next bird, ask some students what they wrote so they can share ideas


Field Trip

    -The following website is of a local Hyde-Park bird watching group that does a tour through Bobolink Meadow, Jackson Park, and some areas south of the Museum of Science and Industry:


    -We will take the students on a short walk (no more than one hour) through the Area

    -Students should be on the lookout for any birds that they see:

    -If they see a bird that they described in class, they should mark down in their booklet where they saw it and how many times they saw that species

    -The leader of the group (a volunteer in charge of no more than 5 students) will take a picture of any spotted bird

    -If they see a bird that they did not describe in class, they should write down as many characteristics as they can and a leader

    -The leader of the group (a volunteer in charge of no more than 5 students) will take a picture of any spotted bird


Back in Class (the following visit)

    -The volunteers will have developed the pictures and passed them out to their respective groups

    -The groups will sort through the pictures and re-identify the birds, writing the name of the bird on the back of th photograph

    -The unidentified bird descriptions will then be inputed into this website to determine the species of the bird:


    -The group with the most correct identifications gets a prize (disposable cameras to go bird watching) and the entire class will get some sort of treat (cookies, etc.) for doing a good job.

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