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Page history last edited by Justin Borevitz 16 years, 3 months ago

A weekly journal of your thoughts on environment (blog style with links and pictures)


A podcast of my lectures and your presentations 


Living Naturalist guide

        This year we'll add movies (actual, time lapse) and audio clips

        Also you'll position and moniter an EcoWebCam


Urban Ecology vision, take artzy photos of the "built' environment, then add nature, tree's in smoke stacks etc..


Future Vision of Sustainability: Only forward looking at how we've solved current problems.


Letter to the Editor or Editorial/Column


Full cost accounting a primer:

  What is the payback time, or return on investment of a bicycle vs walking/running.

How much energy does it take to get downtown from hyde park by foot?

How much energy does it take on a bike?

How much energy did it take to make the bike? Get it to you? maintain it?


How about the energy in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich vs a hamburger.

What units of energy are we talking about? CO2, water, land, kWh?


Full cost accounting of a cup of coffee (coffee and cup and coffee in cup)

Eco village: Do a survey of some ecoTourism vacation resorts, do they suffer from lack of luxuries? What do they offer and what is their impact? What happened to the proposed hotel for Indiana Dunes.


Create a green portfolio



Voice/movie interviews with park stewards on prairie restoration.


Also participate in BudBurst



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